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Doing more things with your time. Increasing your productivity. Improving your daily routine. 

This is what you can achieve with TimeTune Schedule Planner. 

Have you ever wondered how come some people seem to be able to do plenty of things in a single day while your time slips through your fingers?

The answer is that they have a very sound and organized distribution of time. They use healthy routines and stick to them, allowing them to squeeze every available minute, create good habits and do everything in their schedule. 

With TimeTune Schedule Planner, you can do the same.

Here are some features to help you achieve it: 

★ Time management based on routines and suitable for everyone who values their time (workers, students, parents, freelancers...)

★ Routines can be daily, weekly or use any number of days up until 15, adding great flexibility to your schedule and habits

★ Routine schedules work like a calendar but you don't need to enter calendar dates

★ Ability to design and send schedules for other people (useful for trainers, doctors or anyone who needs to craft routines and habits for others)

★ Creation of attractive custom tags to quickly identify the activities in your schedule at a glance

★ Full customization for each notification independently (vibrations, sound, personal message, popup window and even voice)

★ Routine statistics to analyze and improve your distribution of time so that you can do everything in your schedule while detecting time leaks

★ Reminders will allow you to schedule activities that don't quite fit in a routine: one-time activities, activities without duration or tasks with an odd repetition cycle

★ Widget with a completely customizable look so that you can examine the activities in your schedule the way you prefer 

You can use TimeTune as your daily task reminder, daily activity manager, habit creation tool, student calendar, timetable manager, schedule organizer, routine optimizer, time manager or daily planner, and it can be more convenient than a calendar for repetitive routine tasks, as it doesn't clutter your calendar schedule. We want TimeTune Schedule Planner to be a powerful productivity tool for you, so if you try it and like it don't hesitate to tell us what you'd like to add. 

Remember, don't be a slave of time, use the time to your advantage.

But most of all... enjoy every minute! 

PRO VERSION (through in-app purchase) 

- No ads

- Routine Programmer: run your routines automatically on specific dates

- Blue themes: Light/Blue, Dark/Blue, Black/Blue

- More features will be added to the Pro Version progressively 


- Needs in-app purchase permission to be able to get the full version

- Needs internet access to show ads in the free version

- Needs access to the storage so that you can backup your data 


If you have any issues with the app, please report them to the contact email address before giving a bad rating. We want to help and improve, and collaboration is the best way to achieve it. Thanks! 


TimeTune Schedule Planner is still young and for that reason your support is crucial. If you like it and think it has great potential please give us a nice review and a +1, it really helps. Thanks! But if you really don't, please send us a email before giving a bad rating and tell us what you would change. We want to know your opinion in order to improve and make TimeTune better. Many many thanks! 

>>> Available in multiple languages! <<< 

Web & Blog &#9658; http://timetune.center

Community &#9658; https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/115980946943555967442

Facebook &#9658; https://www.facebook.com/timetuneapp

Beta Testers &#9658; https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.gmail.jmartindev.timetune

Help Translate &#9658; http://timetune.oneskyapp.com 




















- 没有广告

- 常规编程:特定的日期自动运行您的程序

- 蓝色主题:光/蓝,黑/蓝,黑/蓝

- 更多的功能将被添加到专业版逐步


- 需要在应用程序内购买的许可才能够获得完整版

- 需要互联网接入来展示在免费版广告

- 需要访问存储,让您可以备份您的数据




TimeTune日程计划还年轻,因为这个原因您的支持是至关重要的。如果你喜欢它,认为它有很大的潜力,请给我们一个很好的审查和+1,它确实有帮助。 感谢!但是,如果你真的不知道,请给我们发送电子邮件给中评差评之前,告诉我们你会改变什么。我们想知道,以提高,使TimeTune更好的你的意见。 很多很多的感谢!

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